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Madness Combat 9 Kai Sprites!!

2010-10-14 14:08:34 by TrickyMable

Me and EDGe made a spritesheet :). I got the idea from ''XomfgX'' .
Here is the fla!

Madness Combat 9 Kai Sprites!!


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2010-10-14 15:38:04

I Love It :D


2010-10-22 13:16:17

Amazing work, man. You really did work hard on this. I know it's a Madness 9 kai sprite sheet, but I'm wondering if you could maybe make a kai sprite of Savior?

TrickyMable responds:

Thanks and ok


2010-10-25 18:44:10

Is looking good my friend ;D


2010-10-25 18:44:46

Go check mine :D


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